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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Models of Excellence

      In the upper part of the divided into two photograph shows Ms. Irish Aguilar and Mr. Benzar Alih Abad, (Miss And Mr. CEU 2011) . And the lower part shows the incumbent Miss And Mr. CEU 2012: Ms. Chloe Miranda and I, Alex Bordeos .

      Who will be the next Models of Excellence of Centro Escolar University In the upcoming search for Miss and Mr. CEU this coming January 25, 2013 ?

      "To become Mr. CEU"- that is what I promised myself the first time i entered my beloved Centro Escolar.

      I firmly believe that ''Failure is not a hindrance to success"--Word I held on to during that time.

There are lots of things that I've experienced during my college days.. I failed many times, i fell,  i stumbled, go rejected thrice.. But I learned many lessons before I was able to get the title, to hold the winning trophy and to wear my prestigious sash.

      I tried my luck many times in joining the search for Mr. And Miss CEU. I didn't just join once or twice, but thrice! It took me years before I qualified for the pageant. I've felt the feeling of being rejected for a number of times but I did not give up.

      I always ask myself what if i didn't join the CEU pageant the third time? I'm sure i will not be able to prove anything to myself or to anyone else if i have given up a long time ago.

      And im sure that I will regret it my whole life because i didn't take that one time opportunity of bagging the title.

      One of my friends told me that " The secret if winning is losing " And he's damn right! It Doesn't mean I failed four times i will fail the fifth attempt.

      You have to face your fears. You must always have the determined mind and passion in all the things that you do. Be a risk taker!. For only those who take risks can tell how far they can go.

      In all the decisions and actions that you will make, take risks!

      '' Take risks, if it succeeds, then it will bring you joy, if it fails, then it will bring you lessons." There is no really losing in trying, true losing is to never have tried at all.

      For those who will win the search for Mr. And Miss CEU 2013 CONGRATULATIONS in advance! And for those who won't, don't stop trying! I've been in the same shoes too. Maybe it is not yet the time for you, but if you keep pushing hard, someday, your time will come :)

- Alex Bordeos

Question : " The Pope recently pronounced that the same sex marriage is a threat to the future of humanity. Do you agree or disagree? Why. "

Answer : " For me, I disagree that it's a threat to humanity, because God gives us a powerful gift which is a choice, to commit to same-sex is a choice but if that choice doesn't harm or endanger other people i think they deserve to get the best in life. "

Watch the actual video : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=346645728687232&set=vb.100000254244884&type=2&theater

The Winners

Thanks to Kris Carillo for the photos!

I want to say " THANK YOU " to all people who believed in me. Thanks to my Family, MEGA friends, Super friends, Friends, Classmates, Mentors, to my One and Only "HANI" and most especially to our almighty God. :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Ni Alex Bordeos

Ang pag-ibig mo ay ang sandigan ko, 
Tanging puso lamang ang puhunan ko.
Ang kasiyahan na siyang hiniling ko, 
Binigay ng maykapal ang isang tulad mo. 

Ikaw ang nag pa-alala kinalimutan kong pintig.
Damdamin kong tuyo, binigyan mo nang dilig.
O aking sinta at aking ginigiliw,
Ang pag-ibig mo ay wag sanang itigil.

Pag kakataon ay aking hihintayin,
Hanggang sa pag tanda ikaw ay aking mamahalin.
Hinding hindi magbabago, ang aking pagtingin,
Pag-ibig na wagas sa iyo lang ibibilin.

Ang mga pangako sa isa't isa'y itago,
Palaging tanggapin ang bawat pag-suyo.
Poblema man ay dumating, huwag tangkaing sumuko.
Sapagkat 'di ko kakayanin na ikaw ay malayo.